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Spine Care

Our physical therapists specialize in spine health. We focus not just on treating pain, but on
determining its cause and preventing it from coming back.

Sports Rehabilitation

As experts in movement, our sports rehab specialists serve as your first line of care when you
experience pain, discomfort or injury while training or competing in your sport.

Women’s Health

Do you have bladder issues or pain during intimacy? Our women’s health physical therapy services
can help alleviate these forms of pelvic floor dysfunction and more.

Pre and Post Surgery Therapy

Get stronger, heal faster and get back to life (and through rehabilitation) more quickly and with our
physical therapy team at your side.

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Local fisherman and surfer performing core and hip strengthening on a BOSU in preparation for return to work following knee injury.

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1010 SW Coast Hwy, #102 Newport, OR 97365

(541) 265-4252


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